PORTLAND, OR; October 26, 2021 — Salad Days vacillates between youth-driven cultures of mid-nineties era Jersey and early aughts Portland. As the dual story unfolds, we witness the twenty-something protagonist, Ana, as she takes a crack at being an adult, navigating friendships and searching for intimate relationships, maintaining jobs and managing money. All the while, she does her best to repair a broken moral compass without an owner’s manual.

Salad Days is the gritty, moving portrait of a young woman who completely upends her life trying to figure out who she is and what she wants, set against the gray, grungy background of Portland, Oregon, at a time when the city was also in flux. Badalamenti perfectly captures the alluring and maddening impenetrability of Portland for the East Coast transplant.

— Cari Luna, Author of The Revolution of Every Day

Frances Badalamenti was raised in Queens, New York and Suburban New Jersey, but she now lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and son. Her essays, stories and interviews appear in The Believer Magazine, Longreads, Vol.1 Brooklyn, Entropy and elsewhere. Salad Days is her second novel.


Growing the Courage, A Conversation with Frances Badalamenti, The Rumpus, 2019

An Interview with Frances Badalamenti, Author of I Don’t Blame You, Entropy, 2019

Praise For Previous Work

“Frances Badalamenti proves to be a talented and evocative writer. I Don’t Blame You is a powerful, heady, debut novel, gorgeously interweaving the story of grief, acceptance, and love. A must read.”

- Chloe Caldwell, author of I’ll Tell You in Person and Women

“I Don’t Blame You is a raw, irreverent, wrenching exploration of the trauma and joy of being a daughter and a mother.”

- Michelle Tea, author of Black Wave, How to Grow Up and Modern Tarot


ISBN: 978–1–950730–39–1
290 pages
October 26, 2021
Paperback: $17.00
Distributor: Ingram Book Group

Publicity Contact:
Heather Brown
Mind the Bird Media




A bold, egalitarian small press in the PNW.

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Unsolicited Press

Unsolicited Press

A bold, egalitarian small press in the PNW.

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