• Allison Landa

    Allison Landa

    Word wrangler. Dog lover. Neither hip nor hippie. Represented by Marisa Zeppieri of Strachan Literary Agency.

  • Marie E. Moeller

    Marie E. Moeller

    Wordologist; lover of winter; baker of cakes; Francophile; teacher

  • Jeanine


    Stay at home single parent, DIY enthusiast, supporter of handmade goods & art, creative process junkie, community & child's advocate. smoke and mirrors baby...

  • Robert Nagle

    Robert Nagle

    Houston writer & storyteller & ebook enthusiast.

  • Michael VanKerckhove

    Michael VanKerckhove

    Writer-Performer. 2013 Graduate of DePaul University's MA Writing & Publishing program. Detroit native. Executive Director at @TYA_USA. Thoughts are my own.

  • Robin Sease

    Robin Sease

    Stealthily crazy lady with opinions about random things at mudprophet.com

  • Haldan Hansen

    Haldan Hansen

    the personification of a balloon caught in a tree. Hope you enjoy my Sundry Mumblings.

  • Ian Prichard

    Ian Prichard

    Writer, ocean-lover, man-about-bookstore.

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