PORTLAND, OR; October 19, 2021 — SEPARATION ANXIETY is a stunning short story collection that shows how pervasive the disorder can be in everyday lives. In eighteen stories, Coshnear paints separation anxiety as an engine of change while being careful to tend to the delicateness of the disorder’s consequences. …

A debut poetry collection discovering the natural and social spheres through a magically feminist lens.

Black book cover with text and blood moon

PORTLAND, OR; October 14, 2021 — Unsolicited Press announces the release of the moon won’t be dared a poetry collection by award-winning author Anne Leigh Parrish that features artwork by Lydia Selk. In this momentous debut collection, the poet harnesses language to give readers a new vision of nature, the…

PORTLAND, OR; October 12, 2021 — We’re set loose, untended, like beings from a menagerie of sorts, one day cooped up, the next fending for ourselves out in the oddness of the world. This is the motif pursued in GATELESS MENAGERIE. We intersect with the wild as well when out…

The Egg by C. M. Chapman

The Captain of the Night Watch awoke drenched and terrified. It took a long minute to pull himself together, only to find he was still shaking. Of all the nightmares that had plagued him every night over the last few weeks, last night’s was the worst.

Last night, of course…


I HAVE A family. In the gray island-mists north of Seattle I have them. We bought a house in a place called Wolf Island with big Asian maples overlooking Padilla Bay. That first spring I drank wine on the porch and felt so proud. Sunlight through the mist and mossy…


Maybe you remember that you are a seeker.
Maybe you carved it on your wrist
or on a sign around your neck. Maybe
you made a business card of it
wrote it on a rabbit’s foot
or whispered it into your secret pocket.

Maybe you have forgotten, and you laugh

Holy Roller by Larry D. Thacker

Wilma didn’t think. She acted.

It was a reaction driven by pure adrenaline.

She would have defended herself with a rolled up Sunday newspaper if she’d been on the front porch reading one when Jake came after her, not that it would have done her any good. Lucky for Wilma…


DAD’S SITTING NAKED at the kitchen table, covered only by a white lacy shawl. His forehead glistens with sweat and he stares out the window, pouting. He has the old floor vents on full blast, and I’m surprised he’s not dead from the heat. It’s a typical Santa Fé summer…

by Frances Badalamenti

I leaned my ratty, forest green three-speed on the porch and let myself into a small, not very well-kept bungalow off Northeast Alberta Street. I headed into the kitchen, passing a pile of dirty dishes, coffee dregs in a pot, and a glass ashtray with a half-smoked cigarette stubbed out…

Brooklyn Bound Q

She enters, takes a seat on the crowded bench opposite him, meets his gaze distractedly, and then peers into her handbag.

He looks down and then across the car to the left and the right of her. He lets his eyes roam and return to settle upon her glossy paperback…

Unsolicited Press

A bold, egalitarian small press in the PNW.

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